Monday, December 8, 2008

Stephen Colbert Vs. Kanye West part 3

This is one of the greatest beefs in the history of Hip Hop. Why? Because it is 100% fabricated by Stephen Colbert, no ones going to get hurt (except for maybe Yeezy's soundscan), and it is completely one sided. In case you missed "Operation Humble Kanye" read Part 1 and Part 2 to get caught up before you continue reading this post.

This is the BAMA's third installment of the ongoing feud between Colbert and Kanye. Peep your boy Colbert pullin out all the stops and really gettin in Kanye's ass (no homo) in the video below.

LOL. Colbert is ruthless. Did you catch that line when he says "why buy Kanye's album when you can basically hear it for free by putting a tin can to your ear and leaning against a pac man machine". HAHAHA. But it doesnt end there, how bout the fact that he uses "Stronger" as his celebratory music? Dude, Colbert is icey. The longer this beef goes the better... Why? well it serves as a plate of humble pie to these bubblegum thugs takin themselves too seriously in the rap game.

Colbert: 3 Kanye: 0

-Ollie the despicable

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