Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to win a bar fight

This is an old video but the greatness is still there and for those that havent seen it, the video is just over a minute long and worth every second. Bas Rutten a.k.a. "El Guapo" is a previous UFC champion and certified BAMF.

HAHAHA!! The passion of that groin kick is killin me, and the sounds he uses to illustrate the strikes are priceless. Didang Didang Didang. BUNG BONG BUNG BANG.

I wish Bas Rutten could take command of Joe Rogan's seat at the commentator booth so we didnt have to listen to that miserable coke fiend sweat (yeah, i can hear his greezy ass sweating) and slobber all over the microphone while im tryin to watch Brock Lesnar whoop Randy Couture's ass.


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