Thursday, December 4, 2008

Throwback Thursday: Crystal Clear Pepsi

Remember this shit? I have personally written a letter to PepsiCO to bring this product back. This was the truth. More caffeine than a Jolt Cola, tastes just like regular pepsi but it was clear, AND it was sold in glass bottles. Man, I love throwback thursdays, i get to relive my childhood, and who doesnt love that. My girl didnt believe that pepsi made a clear version so i went diggin on youtube and found some proof.

Pepsi knew what was up way back when. They had Cindy Crawford and Michael Jackson doing ad campaigns for them... Remember Cindy? Man was she bad in 1992, although i never really could get down with that mole. The funny thing to me has always been that, that mole is considered a "beauty mark" and it inspired women across the world to go out and have moles surgically removed and then placed in that same spot.

I got to thinkin about somethin after i watched this cindy crawford commercial, and decided that although Cindy is bad, i was always WAY more of a fan of Kathy Ireland.


"The eyes dont lie chico" - Tony Montana

And NO, they sure dont. That gaze on her face is talkin to a player. Plus, as we have discussed numerous times, when i was a young buck i was ONLY concerned with the chest piece. But now that i look at it, im kinda glad thats where my eyes were at cause ol' girl has some serious bulge goin on downstairs!! LOL. But the thickness is somewhat visible, lets get a second angle on that:


Nope, just as i suspected, standard pancaked white girl booty. It starts off pretty smoove tho'. The arch looks right, but then it just lays out and never quite sticks the landing. On second thought, lets give Cindy a chance to redeem herself...


Is that a poke? or is that in fact, more than your typical white chick pancake? I'm seein some thigh, and that side boob is doin it for me. I think Cindy just reclaimed her spot as my number one chick in 1992, congrats shawwty.

-Young Ollie Da Dondotta

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kaylan said...

hahaha I don't belive it u found the pepsi commercial. Congrats love I Learned something new today.