Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I absolutely love the internet

Growing up my favorite shows were always "America's Funniest Home Videos" and every other knock-off that ensued as a result of the success of the aforementioned televison show. The internet, however, has made these shows completely obsolete. It doesnt bother me so much because AFV never showed the overtly racist, perverted, cat-ass behavoir, big girl's dancin type-a shit. No, they kept it quite wholesome in fact. At best, you were going to catch a homie takin a shot to the nutbag, or a big girl fallin off a motorcycle. Gone now are the days of waiting for the new episode of AFV on sunday night, in its place?? TIVO, DVR, Youtube, Failblog, and the like. Enough nostalgia though, onto the video they say!!

Found this on youtube yesterday. My initial reaction was... big girls in the alley part 2?? Incidentally, if you missed that post you can check it out RIGHT HERE..

Upon further inspection, this is a whole new trio of big girls cuttin some rug to the new club banger "Shake it to the Ground". Boy, let me tell ya, these girls are workin hard. Play the video again, turn up the volume and listen closely to ol' girl in the white... You hear that panting goin on? HAHAHAHA. The choreography is great, the timing is off by .75 seconds which is the equivalent to "big girl delay". You gotta account for that extra weight to get swangin'.

Moral of the story? I love these big girls, i love the way they move, and apparently so does this cat:

Literally LOL at the DJ screamin on the mic in the background. "WORK! WORK! WORK! WORK! WORK! WORK! WORK! WORK!" HAHAHAHAHA. The best part though?? Homie damn near fainting after he puts ol' girl down. WHEW!

**Side Note** Got the second video from the boys at Us Versus Them. Be sure to read their blog, the boys over there are pretty funny.

-Ollie "the king size" Lover


Jonny D said...

aaaah big girls love to boogie!
Man the internets is crazy. Anyone will post a video of themselves doing anything.
Internet killed the video star.

Royal said...

no need to hit the gym for curls anymore.

caitlin said...

ahh shit, that was too much. what was that dude doing trying to proof he can lift her or what?... where do you find this shit kevin, jesussss