Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beyonce has some 'splainin to do

Not only is Beyonce responsible for that God Awful "single ladies" joint thats got all these little hoes gettin outta pocket demandin rings and shit, but she is personally responsible for all these youtube videos of people gettin realllllll silly wit' it. Im feelin mad lazy today, so im just gonna post up some **new** single ladies videos. Already hit you folks off with the heavy set cat in the leotard, and the shim (she/him) with the bad wig that takes a nasty spill on the wood floor.

And my new favorite:

Little girl has got so much sass. Go get em baby girl. I see her becoming one of the Alley Girls real soon.



Jonny D said...

you can't leave this one out.

Kristen said...

Three things:
1) How old is that little girl and where are her parents? (Oh wait, they're in the alley huh?)
2) I've never been so sick of a damn song in all my life
3) This is more of a recommendation: If there is a way, please go back and sub-categorize your 2008 posts by month because I am trying to go back and catch up and it takes forever to reload 185 posts every time I try to leave you a comment! Thank you, your loyal fan

oliver wrist said...

Kristen, if you ever get around to reading this, you can do that.

Click the arrow next to the month, rather than the word, does that make sense?? It will create a makeshift drop down menu which you could then thumb through to find individual posts.