Monday, December 15, 2008

Some serious cat-ass behavoir

These cats right here have pushed the boundaries of wildness to a whole new level. I don't even know where to start or how to finish so just go ahead and watch. And yes, I do realize the video is a little old and i'm late on this, but fuck it, this is my blog and this is what i am laughin' at today. I found this video over at, read this dudes blog, hes a pretty funny cat.

Oh man, first lets address these fools names.

Peer Pressure is:

Relentless (The first cat in the red tank top): LOL peep this fools move where he takes his left hand and uses it to push the hips even harder.

X2C (Clever spelling of ecstacy): Look at your boy relentless doin the stand up bump and grind/belly roll in the background checkin himself in the mirror.

Pipelaya: LOL These fools seem to give themselves alot of credit cause this cat is pullin back a solid 12-18 inches on each thrust... HAHAHA Notice your boy X2C doin the cross-legged butterfly on the flo'.

Pre$$ure: Those leg kicks are vicious homie.

Satisfaktion: Obviously the leader of the pack and I assume he's the oldest and prolly the cat responsible for talkin these brotha's into grindin the fuck outta 'dat ottoman.

Alright, I seriously have some questions right now.

1. Why? Is this supposed to show the ladies how smoove deez brovas are?

2. How does mom-dukes feel about her boys gettin fierce on her furniture.

3. How in the fuck is this considered choreography?

Man, I know these cats are takin themselves seriously too. There is ZERO chance that this was a joke, but why the name Peer Pressure?

Shake my head and laugh out loud all at the same time at these cats. This is one of those videos that inspired some spoofs as well.

Peep these busted ass tricks doin their best impression of the peer pressure tomfoolery...

Why do they all have yellow streaks in their hair? Did anyone else notice that each girl got progressively thicker in the video? LOL at the thickest of the crew goin spread eagle then fallin off the bed. That, my loyal subjects, is bad thickness.



Kristen said...

I have no words to describe how confused I am by this video. Seriously, what were they thinking?

Jonny D said...

Peer Pressure is...setting back black people everywhere...and we were making so much progress.

Caitlino said...

oh shit, what are those guys doing. I am seriously in shock. made me and aaron laugh for hours

Anonymous said...

I blame pretty ricky lmfao....thats some retarded ass shit