Monday, December 8, 2008

The juice gets squeezed vol. 2

My main man O.J. and certified staple of discussion over here at the BAMA officially got the shaft over the weekend. The verdict is in, Guilty on 12 seperate counts, and the Judge finally handed down that sentence. Ive heard it a couple different ways thus far, but the way im reading it right now is 9-33 years, with a minimum of 8 served before consideration for parole. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?? Youre handin' out that kinda time for takin your OWN shit back? DUDE! O.J. is about as "no-nonsense fuck a punk motha-fucka up" as you can possibly get, and even the Juice thinks this a bit excessive...


I guess thats what you get when you kill a couple white folk, get off on technicalities, crack jokes at the expense of the dead and make videos like this one:

LOL. yo, seriously how ice cold is O.J.? Sellin' a white Bronco with an O.J. Simpson autographed bullet hole, crackin jokes like "hopefully there's no bodies in this thing" and "it has escapability". Man, he is shameless.

P.S. if you thought that clip was funny, you should prolly go visit this site, Its a DVD that O.J. made where he pulls pranks on cats, similar to punk'd but way more brutal and way less watered down, I mean, were talkin about O.J. here.

Scientists recently ran tests on O.J. and it was determined that all the blood in his body had been inexplicably replaced with:


Keep your head up Juice, we all know you deserve it (the trip up north), but we wish you were still on the skreets to keep makin folks uncomfortable and to show these new-jack, so-called "pimps" what being an ice-cold, heartless bastard is really all about.

-Ollie the Heartless

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