Thursday, February 12, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Rocket Science

This post is particularly close to me for several reasons.

First of all, the photo that you will see in the video is the cover of the MHZ "Table Scraps" album. The photo was taken by our late friend Justin Zuk, but the illest part about it is that Zuk just took a picture of his table. The way it sat the day of the "photo shoot". Yeah, for the "hip hop" heads out there you will notice the "Twist" bottle on the table. Who's TWIST? Legendary graffiti writer out of the bay. His bottles now fetch a pretty penny on EBAY. R.I.P. Z.

Second, I'm pretty sure the homie Sam from, got the credit for the layout and design.

Third, it was executive produced by their then manager Bobby Naugle. This guy gave me one of my favorite mixtapes to date back in like '96-'97. The aptly titled "For The Kids" joint.

Finally, one of the most surreal "hip hop" moments in my life came while I was maxin out with Bobby, Copywrite (first emcee on the track), and Cage (of Eminem beef, "Agent Orange" fame). The four of us were coolin in a hotel room down in L.A. listening to Cage tell us how all he needed was a Just Blaze beat and his single would be bigger than Eminem's. At that time, Eminem was going out of his way to diss Cage at least once an album, it was a fairly big deal. Anyways, so we just finished eating Fat Burger when out of nowhere "Role Model" (one of the singles off of The Slim Shady L.P.) came on. I just look up to notice Cage straight heated. In the song, Eminem says:

"...Ran on stage and sprayed Cage with Agent orange then wiped my ass with his page in source..."

This triggered a series of events that ultimately lead to me and Bobby rollin out.

Anyways, back to the story, Copywrite is an extremely cool cat outside of the studio, but when he is destroying "you" on a track, he is one of the meanest muhfucka's on the planet. And I love it. Enjoy...

"I've seen tighter (w)rappers on a candy bar"...



Ryan said...

Jakki Tha Motamouth's verse is lava as well

oliver wrist said...

Yeah, I got hella nostalgic and forgot to mention several important facts.

MHZ consisted of RJD2, Copywrite, Jakki Tha MotaMouth, Camu Tao (R.I.P.)and Tage.

RJ's beats are now featured in your favorite nissan or toyota commercial.

Camu is dead.

Tage hasn't been heard from in years.

Jakki and Copy are still beasting on fools.

One of my favorite Jakki lines ever... "Pick the hardest nigga in the crowd and spit on his wife".