Thursday, February 26, 2009

Throwback Thursday BBOTD: Lisa Raye

Everybody remembers Lisa Raye right?


She played "Diamond" in that Ice Cube produced flick "The Player's Club"... Peep some video for recollection purposes only. NSFW.

Sorry... I had to sneak off for a second there... LOL I keeed I keed..

Instead of explaining how dope Lisa Raye was/is I'm gonna let the photos do the talking. Let's get a second angle on that bikini shot...


JEEZUS. Does everyone see that definition between thigh and ass? The inner thigh too... "The lawwwd is my shepid, he know what i wahnt!!"

Yeah, those joints are from the late 90's, so the question we are left asking is: "Does she still got it??"


And the ever so classy "ecentric, self expressing" joint:


CotDamn. That's a bubble. No other way to describe it. The honey bit doesn't do much for me, nor does that awful ass afro, but the thighs line up with that tail so nicely that I can let that bullshit slide.

For the record, Lisa Raye is now 41 and divorced from an abusive husband. Cougar alert. I bet she'd be pretty easy prey after that horrible relationship she just got out of... Food for thought...

-Allofher Wrist

1 comment:

Brian said...

Wow, Jamie Foxx is gonna be knocking on your door with a cease and desist after that vid.

Talk about a "WTF was i thinking?" moment.

Also, I thought it was pretty appropriate that the word puzzle they're making me type now is "fultip"