Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday: Get On Draft!!

(Design credit Sam Hansen)

This show promises to deliver high powered hip-pop music that causes convulsions and encourages drug consumption...

The DraftKlick is what music should be... FUN.

According to the group's self proclaimed "inspirational guru" and owner/operator/blogger/hip hop enthusiast/friend of the BAMA, Sam from FTKconstruction.com, these guys are guaranteed to wile the fuck out and put on a show of epic proportions.

In the past, shows have included the smashing of vodka infused watermelons (Read: Gallagher), and with tonight's show, themed "Show me your O-face", on Fat Tuesday, in the Tower District, in Fresno, you would be hard-pressed to find a harder hittin, fist pumpin, face melting party anywhere else in the state.


DraftKlick does everything in excess, and I believe it is that single quality that attracts me to the music.

With slappers like "Cocaine", "Sexy Time", "Tittays" and "Digital Drugs" headlining their musical catalog, it is painfully obvious what matters most to Scoob Blue and Steve MacMan...

(Photo taken from DraftKlick's myspace page)

If that photo above isn't enough to make your pants fit a little tighter, feast your eyes on this sensational display of tomfoolery:

Tittie slappin', Drug infected Electro-pop, gig-fest.

Be sure to check for DRAFTKLICK on myspace.

Get your O-Face shirts from the homies at Orisue.com.

Hit up the official blog for the valley's finest purveyor of all things hip hop FTKconstruction.com.

I'll be back tomorrow with a full recap of the show with photos and (hopefully) videos of lots of heart pumping, drug enduced debauchery and titties on display...

Get on Draft!!

-Oliver Wrist

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