Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Rule: Organic Is Out:

I hate the word "organic".

I hate that people think they are superior to others for eating/drinking "organic".

I hate that an "organic" tomato costs more than a non-"organic" tomato.

I hate that people think that if they do what they should do, they are living an "organic" life.

I hate the idea of being "organic".

What does that even mean? Seriously? CLICK HERE for the Wikipedia definition.

I'll tell you what it means... Its a bunch of blow-hard naturalists and environmentalists filling up the common man's head with this "go green" mentality. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the preservation of our planet, but I will not blindly follow these tree huggin leftist nut jobs off the cliff that they are so willfully pushing the collective heard of sheep known as the human race off of.

Someone has to take a stand. Let that man be me...

Fuck organic. And fuck the people who think that because they "live organically" they are somewhat better than me.

I'll tell you something I know for fact. I had never even heard of "organic" until I got involved in the drug trade. And to all those people who claim to taste the chemicals in the herb, Fuck you, you are full of shit. I have personally handed some extra chemed out tree to the snobbiest of pot snobs and told him it was "organic". He fired up, and without hesitation proceeded to tell me how great "organic" herb tastes.

Moral of the story... the "organic" mindset exists exclusively in your head. If you never heard the term, you would never have been concerned.

When I was a kid, I drank the same milk as I do now. Fuck you tryin to bump the price 2 dollars more a gallon because the shit is "organic". Last I checked we are in a recession.

In fact, I think the "organic" phenomenon is indirectly responsible for this down-trodden economy.

Not really, but you get the point.

I close with this, if you step to me to tell me something is good because it is organic, 1, if not both of the following 2 things is going to happen...

A) You will be laughed at and ridiculed.

B) You will be slapped, then laughed at, then ridiculed.

Fuck Organic, live savagely.

-Ollie the Conqueror


Kristen said...

I JUST had this conversation with one of my new employees yesterday. I honestly think that those who have decided to jump on the organic bandwagon see it as a status symbol. What they are trying to convey is that "I care for my body and the environment" but what I hear is "I'm a huge douche and I frivolously spend money to make myself feel important."

Royal said...

Until being 'Green' puts people into jobs and stimulates the economy, consider me a SAVAGE.

Organic...get the eph outta with that, where the cheeseburgers n shit at?

fukfase said...

my cock is 'organic'.

oliver wrist said...

So is your smell you dirty bastard.

Kyle said...

Im All about chemed up tree and gettin my paper so i have to agree the these fags who think organic is the only way to be can suck a fat one