Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ric Flair Turns 60!


Talk about Throwin' it back. Yesterday (February 25, 2009) was Ric Flair's 60th birthday.

How classic is this guy? Last week I was on the Mr. Perfect kick, but I gotta admit, Ric Flair is as, if not more important to wrestling than Hulk Hogan (who I was never really a fan of, for the record). Seriously, this guy started his career sometime in the early 70's and was still wrestling as recently as 2008. This guy is as classic as you can get.

And what about the rhetoric he was kickin?


Can anyone deny the parallels between wrestling and hip hop? Flair was kickin' that "custom shoes, money, cars, hoes" shit back before Sugar Hill Gang ever thought about droppin' "Rapper's Delight" and paving the way for today's money-crazed emcee. Think about it, Ric Flair created your favorite rapper's "swagger".

That may very well be the greatest interview ever conducted in the history of wrestling. EVER. How many woooo's did he hit there? Jesus.

I'm gonna stop here because I could literally write all day about how dope the Nature Boy Ric Flair was/is.



code2ave said...

Shit, I remember 10 years ago when Ric Flair was running around slapping other grown ass men in the chest screeeeeeeeeeeeaming WOOOOOOOOO!

Accidently found myself watching WWE the other day for about 5 minutes (SMH @ myself)...time sure as shit have changed.

Brian said...

Damn, and here I was, thinking that Howard Dean primary rant was original. Thanks for crushing my reality.