Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Because You Had A Bad Day:

I wasn't feelin up to par yesterday so I opted to go M.I.A. Still not feeling right today, think it may be the flu. Plus my back hurts more than it ever has before. I am in need of some serious doses of morphine.

So I'm sick, I've decided. Oh well, I'll get through it. I've been throwing up, no biggie, but then I heard this:

And the projectile vomit hit the screen.

Smalls, you are the defender of Weezy's honor in all scenarios, can you still stand behind your man (no homo)?

This is just awful. I hate sangin-ass rappers. More than that I hate auto-tuned sangin ass rappers. More than that I hate Lil Wayne's auto-tuned sangin ass bullshit.



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