Friday, February 13, 2009

Shit I Don't Care About...

But has been constantly thrown in my face...

I get e-mails from readers of the site, I won't put anyone on blast so as to avoid alienating any of the 8 fans of this blog, but some shit just does not matter to me.

1) By now, unless you have been living under a rock, or you use NickelPlatedBama as your only source of news, you have heard about Joaquin Phoenix and his "career in hip hop". Look, the truth of the matter is this, I've been following the story (like any blogger would) since the beginning. I'm not late to this, I just haven't cared enough to write anything about it. But, since the fans demand it, here is my opinion on MC Joaquin Phoenix:


Before I give you my opinion, I have got to address homie's look. Everyone is familiar with the cleft in dude's lip, but look what that thing is doin to his beard game. It's funny, I've always refered to the cleft as a "hair-lip" which seems to be an oxy-moron of sorts considering he can't grow any hair there. The hair, the beard, the gear, it all works really well to complete the look of "spaced-out on painkillers, wild as fuck, i'm a celebrity so I have issues" persona he is tryin to portray.

Now to what I think about this little fiasco... Wait for it... Wait for it...

JOAQUIN PHOENIX IS A GENIUS!! Yeah, I said it. This guy has convinced the world that he has given up acting to pursue a career in hip hop, and at least 80% of the world has bitten on it. I don't buy his schtick for one second. This guy has taken the term "method-acting" to a whole new stratosphere. I mean, peep the game he's runnin' on everyone...

He even has David Letterman convinced that he has lost his mind. Pure genius, I give this guy all the credit in the world with stickin to the script. He has taken the idea that Robert Downey Jr.'s character in Tropin Thunder started and completely ran with it.

The shit is funny, but it really just doesn't matter to me in the grand scheme of things.

2) The Rihanna/Chris Brown cat-fight.

Look, the ugly truth of the matter is this, Rihanna got out of line, Chris put on his best Ike Turner impression and now this cat is gettin hemmed up by every person in the media.

(photo/design credit Reez at

Domestic violence takes place every single day. ALOT. Just because these little pop princesses are famous, the world is losing their damn minds. The crazy thing to me is that everyone on the planet knows/has known some female that got her ass whipped on the regular by her old man, where the fuck were they when that shit was going down?

I mean seriously, people are organizing a "Chris Brown Shredfest" where they will be burning/shreding all things Chris Brown. AWESOME for Chris. You dumb fucks went out and bought a bunch of shit with his name on it and plan to burn it? And this hurts Breezy how? Homie is still getting paid either way.

Cats need to back the shit up a few steps and take it all in and quit buyin the hype. Is it so hard to believe that little miss pop sensation went off on homie and started doin what chicks do when they find a text message and catch homie tryin to get some cut on the low? Seriously, I know EXACTLY what happened.

Rihanna grabs phone to check his messages. Sees message she doesn't like, calls him on it. Chris tells her to back up out of his shit. She gets wild and starts swingin on homie. He pulls over, her eye gets dotted, and she gets choked for her safety.

Why is it for her safety? Well, if he would have beat her unconscious she would be canceling alot more tour dates, but since he just went ahead and choked her, there are no lasting marks.

Get over it. Sometimes shit gets wild in the streets.


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Royal said...


You just put out a summary of last weeks fuckery in a very concise manner. Blogs stay winning.