Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day: Why?

Being the ice-cold, self-absorbed sonofabitch that I am, it would be reasonable to assume that I am not a fan of this made-up ass holiday.


I don't hate it for the same reasons that most of the bloggers out there do. What reason is that?

They are fucking dorks with no social or romantic life to speak of. Of course they hate the day "for lovers".

I hate it because I have to do something I wouldn't normally do, i.e. be greatful for having a chick and do nice shit for TBC all day.

HAHA, no I'm kidding. TBC knows where she stands with me (10 feet behind me at all times).

This is the day that dudes dread. I mean, if you have a chick and have had her crowned for a while then you're already beatin the skins, and you have gotten comfortable enough with your girl that you don't feel you should have to "do something amazing" in order to keep her locked up. WRONG.

If your chick tells you "it's not a big deal" you are FUCKED.

Heart shaped pizza, a little cut-up, and some LOST sounds great to me. BUT NO, I have to make dinner reservations, then I have to get a card expressing romantic sentiment, then there's the chocolate, and the flowers, and all that other horse shit.

Aren't we in a recession?


TBC, my little peach, always remember:

(For the record, thats not my nutbag...)

Fuck this holiday. I am starting a petition for "National Guy's Day Off". More on that mission later.


TBC said...


ashley Z said...

I too agree. I don't think its only guys who dislike this holiday...I too hate it, and find it pointless. Why should the man I love only do nice things for me, and I for him once a year? I would rather have a romantic night in or out, any other day than valentines day. This is a day we are told to do nice things, thus they mean nothing! So, i join your mission, but wanted to make the point girls will and should join too.
point: Do something nice because you want to not because you are told means a lot more that way;)


Kristen said...

Valentine's Day is just a day for single people to feel more shitty about themselves and for couples to be disappointed that their significant other didn't plan and/or purchase exactly what they wanted. And just out of curiosity, what the hell do you get for your man what's not frilly and pink and gay? I have NEVER had a good V-Day (single or in a relationship). Fuck it. Next year I'm protesting.