Monday, February 9, 2009

50 Cent vs. Retarded White Guy??

Oh boy. Everyone wants in on the beef these days. Since "Fiddy" has basically given up on the idea of releasing classic rap albums, and has since decided to just start beefs with every rapper catchin any shine at a particular time in fiddy's world, it is only fair that the slow, dim-witted south park watching Rick Ross stans out there take it to Fiddy on behalf of their beloved favorite rapper(s).

This guy steps it up too. The rhetoric he's kickin is top shelf. Goin' after Fif for hittin the female followers with a fuckin dildo. A FUCKIN DILDO!?!?

For the most part I hate 50's music. But I give this guy uber props for pimpin the entire world for money while he basically does nothin' but create quasi-beefs with half-assed rappers. Take it how you want but know this, 50 doesn't go after the big dogs in the game. He tried to test Jigga, got shut down with one line, left that one alone.

50 seems to pride himself on his ability to "end rapper's careers". i think it's funny that even with all the tomfoolery and corporate thuggin, companies still look to 50 as "that guy" when they want something marketed. It is completely mind-blowing.

I can't call it.


Kristen said...

Who decided to make this kid the spokesman for the group? He's kind of hard to look at and his voice is just ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

fiddy cent diapers, for ya lil gangsta!