Monday, February 2, 2009

Michael Phelps: Drugs Dont Make You Any Cooler

The internets have been buzzing with controversy since this photo of Michael Phelps doin' work on a bong surfaced over the weekend...


Big Fucking Deal. The guy won 8 medals for this country, I'd say he's entitled to a little R&R from time to time.

I'm not gonna go to much into this because basically every other blog in the world is going ape-shit about it. What I will say is this, Michael Phelps is a turbo dork. I mean, right up there with Mark Zuckerberg and staff. Have you ever seen this fools oaphish ass face?

Fuck Michael Phelps. He means nothing to me. If he wants to roast some trees, let the kid be. In the grand scheme of things, this kid is a nobody. I can't name one child that looks up to this nerd as a role model. Lets get it straight, he is a 20 somethin year old kid with 8 gold medals, a little bit of fame (seriously, if you saw him in the streets would you recognize him? I doubt it), a stripper girlfriend, and a healthy curiousity for drug consumption. I'm more concerned with the photos of this fools snaggle-toothed grill that get published regularly that allow people to think that having a busted ass tooth game is acceptable. Its not, just for the record.

Go do some blow and act like a man Phelps.

-Ollie the Kingpin


Kristen said...

That last line reminded me of Daniel Tosh my favorite comedian of all time. If you havent' seen his stand up, do so IMMEDIATELY.

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