Thursday, February 5, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Captain Planet

Of all the cartoons I used to watch, Captain Planet seemed to be the only one concerned with worldly issues, such as polution, destroying the rainforests, etc. Do you remember the premis for this show?

Yes, every single episode started with that intro. I always wondered why the one homie got stuck with the "heart" ring. The shit seems forced. Like, they needed 5 elements and couldnt come up with anything outside of the earth, wind, water, fire, so they just went ahead and threw out random ideas in the pitch meeting and somehow "heart" was the power they settled on. Whatever though, this show had one of the best theme songs of all time...

"Captain Planet, hes our hero, gonna take polution down to zero"...

I hope, in the off chance that I ever reproduce, that cartoons like this make their way back into the world to help sculpt the young peoples minds.

Oh yeah, Warner Brothers, Fox, Lions Gate, and all the rest of you awful movie producers out there, this idea is free. The next one will cost you.

This would make an excellent movie. With the influx of turning cartoons to live action and remaking every film under the sun, why wouldn't you fuck with Captain Planet, and for Pete's sake, give Thundercats some burn. I'm tired of waiting.


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