Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Really Caught Me Off Guard:

First of all, homegirl is crazy thick, like almost too think for my tastes. But then again, as much as I praise the ass and thigh game of some of the games best (i.e. Kimmy K, Jessica Biel, etc.) I don't think a young white brotha like me can really appreciate what the Brazilion ladies are really bringin to the table.

I was seriously caught off guard at the 1:00 mark when the camera panned out and there was a gang of lil' homies (all under the age of like 7-8) just coolin out in the gym watchin ol' girl cut that rug. By the way, that leg kick, slide, stomp, drop, repeat move she was hittin us with for the first minute or so was severely lacking. She really got it good towards the end though.

The best part though?? Go back and cue it up at around the 1:15 mark and just keep your eye on the extra thorough lil' gutter rat in the white tank top. The momentum slowly builds up and then BAM! At the 1:31 mark he is in full pelvic thrust puttin in maaaaad work. CLASSIC! These cats are young and still peepin hoes.

I just gotta know how this came to be? Were these kids on a field trip to the gym? and just so happened to stumple upon this bird dippin low and sweepin the flo' with it? Just a pure stroke of luck? I have never been that lucky in my life... But a guy can hope right?




Royal said...


If I ever go to Brazil, I will lose my goddamn mind. I'm would try to get on so many women especially since thickness is in the water down there.
Fuck it, I need to see about a study (a)broads programs...

Brazil thickness stays winning. I would go hard and never comeback if I went down there. I'd be forced to learn Portuguese and stay out the slums...shit I seen City of God and I'm not even bout to have Lil Ze' come after me.

oliver wrist said...

8 year olds with AK's will shake the baddest of men.