Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Have Zero Drive:

Whether you know it or not, I am not satisfied with writing this blog for no pay. Don't get me wrong, I love to write, I just want to be getting paid for it as well. Considering I am currently employed and my job affords me the free time to be able to write this smut on a daily basis, I don't feel that it is fair for me to complain about not drawing a wage. However, the day is going to come when I have to make a life decision...

What is that you wonder?

Well, am I going to be content with working at a dead end 9-5 making just enough money to pay bills, OR would I be happier writing, painting, and living life as a vagbond with no ties to any ONE thing in particular.

As of right now, I feel the need to make money far exceeds my desire to roam, but don't get it twisted, when that feeling changes, I will be gone. No warning shots will be fired. No white flags raised.

So while sitting around and depressing myself with the thought of having to work for a living, I have decided to write a book. Or maybe a collection of short stories. Maybe a children's book. Maybe a photo-journal of nude women. I'm not quite sure what it is going to be about, where it will take place, or when I will begin, but just know that eventually, at some point in time, I will have written and published a book that you will all have the opportunity to read and subsequently hate.

It will happen as soon as I find the drive to quit taking all these pills, treating people like shit, and being completely consumed with myself.

Like anyone cares anyways. HAHA.



fukfase said...

hey, after 3 v's and some vodka i have come up with many a humorous story myself. ollie, do you know who i am yet?

oliver wrist said...

i have no clue. I've been tryin to figure it out for a couple of days now. i assume we have had drinks together, but have we ever done drugs together?

oliver wrist said...

scratch that. i got it figured out now. whats up craigwards? that should be your name by the way...

Royal said...

Shit I feel you,
blogging in class is also fucked the fuck.
It's like taking 2 steps forwards and 1 step back.
Paying to be in class - not paying attention in class - writing fuckery instead with no payoff.
Ah, the things we do.

fukfase said...

damn ollie wrist, you get on the comm puter at 7am? i imagine you as more of a slacker... you are dedicated.