Thursday, February 5, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Gangster Of Love

Tuesday morning I was listening to the shade45 sirius satelite radio station and this cut came on. I was straight bugged out. I forgot how ridiculously ign'ant the Geto Boys really were. This is some 1990 shit, and is definitely out of the norm for my typical throwback thursday posts which, more often than not, feature some mid '90's New York "Timberland boots and hoodies" tales of crack sales and stick ups. Not this week. I'm taking it back, waaaaaay back. This shit pre-dates my "career" in hip hop by at least 4 years, so, in all actuality, I had to go back and learn about the Geto Boys after their hay-day. Does that make me a phony? I don't think so. I just know that Texas in 1990/1991 was the most ign'ant pimperish time in hip hop history. And next to my undying affection for that New York swag from 1993-1997, Texas in this era was my favorite movement in hip hop...

Why do I like outlandishly filthy icey bravado so much?

I can't call it. It might have to do with all the gangster movies I watched as a young buck. Maybe it's because I always root for the villain in a movie. Maybe it's because "backpack rap" bores me. Whatever it is, you all get to benefit from my upbringing via these classics I drop on you every Thursday.

"I've neva been played by a hoe/ if the bitch is actin stupid... she gotta go"...

The first line of this joint lets you know out the gate what you are dealing with.

Willie D is freezin these hoes with every breath of dry ice he exhales.

I fuckin heart this shit.

How can you not get down with a joint that sampled Steve Miller's classic? I remember I saw Steve Miller perform live when I was like 11. It was that fateful day that I would remember for the rest of my life. On this day, way back in 1994, I was introduced to Pat Benatar for the first time. An instant love affair began, and since then, every microphone I've touched in every karaoke bar, in every city I've ever performed, the crowd gets treated to face-melting air guitars and leg kicks courtesy of the soothing sounds of Pat Benatar's biggest hit of all time, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". Man, she shined on stage. I could spend days writing about my first love Pat Benatar, but I gotta get back to the lecture at hand...

AMG, UGK, Geto Boys, etc. were killin the dirty rap game in the early 90's. The only other person that was really on these cats level at the time was my uncle Todd. Who is uncle Todd you ask? Todd Shaw, a.k.a. Too Short. Man, he was beastin on these tricks from the very beginning, matter of fact, he still is. Homie is pushin 50 years of age, no joke, and he's still kickin that slow flow "bitch betta have my money" ultra tight rhetoric to these punk ass birds. Get that paper Short.

P.S. Where the hell is Willie D.?



Kristen said...

Do you know how many people have ripped off some part of Joker and used it for their own? Well neither do I, but I know it's got to be a ridiculously high number. How 'bout some originality folks?

fukfase said...

who the fuck is uncle todd shaw? have the names been changed to protect the innocent?

oliver wrist said...

too short.