Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Baaaaacccckkkk....

But just barely.

What I thought was the flu, ended up ultimately being food poisoning. How do I know? Well, lets just say that I could shit thru a straw without touching the sides. LIQUID FURY. It was BAD. I don't wish this sickness on my most bitter enemy.

On the bright side of things, I got 2 days off from punchin' the clock for the man, watched a ridiculous amount of T.V. including season 3 of Arrested Development (one of my favorite shows of all time).

Extra large shout outs to Jonny D. and Royal, my boys from Michigan, avid readers of the BAMA, and 2 of the first people to link me in their blogroll for stayin so low key while quietly building one of the better "joint venture" blogs on the net. Check em out here: and be on the lookout for guest spots from Ollie every once in a while, unless they deem me worthy and invite to write with 'em full time. In the off chance that they decide they want my cynical rants to flood their site, don't worry, I will still be crushing peoples spirits here on The BAMA, every week day until I run out of shit to be mad about. Which I can't see happening anytime in the next 10 or so years.

Other things that happened over the weekend...

Got lots of stickers passed out on friday night. Saw some good friends that I haven't seen in what seems like years. I hadn't realized how many people were reading the blog until I got bombarded with "yo the blogs dope" comments all night at the bar. I seriously thought the hits count was just the same 8 people stopping by 15 times a day to make me look better. So, thank you to the people who actually read the site and think I'm funny.

I told some stories, drank lots of beers, decided on a central idea for the book I am planning on writing (but won't be starting for at least another 3-6 months) and finished season 2 of LOST. I am now 5 episodes into season 3 and I gotta say, Fukfase from the comment boards is right, this show has more questions than answers and it is really starting to annoy me. It's like the itch on your nose from chewing up too many norcos, a guilty pleasure of sorts. I hate that I don't know, but can't stop watching because I HAFTA KNOW EVERYTHING!

If the readers remember my post on the top 50 most influential men in the world and how I felt about that list (read: I hated it) you would know that I only agreed with something like 10 of the 50 men deserving a spot on the list. And while at the time I had never watched a single episode of LOST, I gave the creator J.J. Abrams a pass because of the hype surrounding his show. Jonny D. and Royal claim to be the worlds biggest LOST fans, and are partially responsible for getting me involved in this fucking crack binge of T.V. watching I have been putting myself through over the past month or so. So to them (Jonny D. and Royal, 2 shouts in one post? hold the fucking phone here...) thanks alot assholes, now I'm hooked. This is really cutting into my "creative time".

So, sorry readers, I have been under the weather with the worst case of bubble guts i've ever experienced, I really shouldn't even be at the office today, but I'm guttin' it out for you. My guestimation here is that the number of daily readers is somewhere around 75-100 stopping by 2-3 times a day, because I am now averaging close to 250 hits a day. I'd say thats pretty good considering how many people I insult on a daily basis.

A couple other people I need to show some love to:

First up my cyberfriend Mackey who writes Nobody Walks In L.A.. Its a great lifestyle blog about music, L.A. culture, being a D.J. for wild ass Mickey Avalon, and hangin out with celebrities. The guy's mad cool (except that he wears skinny jeans, but he gets a pass for that HAHA) and he links to my site, so the favor is returned.

And another shout out to which is a graffiti/sneaker head site. The homie hit me up to exchange links and put me down, so I always show the love back.

And finally, big shout out to Combat Jack at Daily Mathematics. If you're not up on this dude, you are really missin out. He's got great stories of being in the industry during the hey-day of hip hop. He's ultra thorough and actually wants to fight Suge Knight. What's not to like about him? He put me down, so here's to you JACK.

Back later after I catch up on all of the internet scandals I have missed in the last 3 days while being laid up.



Royal said...

The LOST crack staying strong over here in Michigan.
If you haven't yet, check out East Bound & Down on HBO...Danny McBride is out of his goddamn mind. He plays an ex-baseball player who leaves the league for roid use and is now a substitute teacher in his hometown.

Me and Jonny D already gave mutual greenlights. He'll get at you with details n shit later.

Jonny D said...

Thanks for the shout out(s) man. Welcome back. seeing that same aubrey oday and kimmy k picture everyday, although amazing, got a little old.

Man you need to just knock out the rest of LOST so you can lose your mind in season 5.

oliver wrist said...

I watched that Eastbound and Down shit on Sunday night. Danny Mcbride is great dude. Unfortunately, I was so sick, the laughter was causing involuntary releases of....

HAHA. my verification word is hymen.

MackTraXXX said...

thx for the shout homie