Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hot Gossip: Ray J's The Father!

I have really been slackin in my celebreality t.v. consumption ever since LOST was introduced into my life. So now, when I miss the show, I just catch the recap on VH1's blog. I hope everyone understands how these shows work and realize that they are minimum 6 months behind when they air on t.v.

Remember this crazy lookin hoe "Danger" with the tattoo on her face?


She is now saying some wild shit over on VH1 Blog about being pregnant and Ray J is the pops.

If you choose not to click the link, the basic rundown goes like this...

She claims that Ray J started puttin in work the first week of the show and continued to hit all the way through her close to 2 month-long stay. She claims that she had no other sexual contact outside of Ray J in that time cause she was "locked up in the mansion".

Bottom line, I think your boy Ray J slipped up. I imagine it is a requirement for all girls to be tested for STD's, pregnancy, etc. before being cast on the show, but I feel like it should definitely be required that these triflin' ass hoes be force fed birth control everyday by the shows producers to protect the celebrity from some chick tryin to catch one and be set for life.

Seriously though, this chick could have taken the pool of nut off her stomach and squeezed it back off in her if she was really tryin to get pregnant. I mean, havin a kid by Ray J that was conceived while filming a reality show about finding love, then catchin the diss when you get the axe (as I imagine he didn't pick her) isn't going to bode well for your childs pschy later in life.

Whatever the case, Ray J got caught slippin and now my man is gonna be known more for his child support bills to the woman with the tattooed face than his illustrious film career co-starring Kimmy K and her ridiculously thick self.

Naddagoodlook Ray J.


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