Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Go put on your play clothes

Remember when you were a kid and you had your school clothes and your play clothes, at least the rest of you did, i was poppin tags at 6... LOL. Anyways, this is a new joint from The Clipse...

Man, does Pusha T outdo himself on this one. And, im not sure if its just me but i cant figure out if he's takin shots at Jigga or givin him props.

Pusha goes ahead and takes a shot at Weezy too, peep: "To he who claims to be the heir/How dare Pusha naysay it/Them niggas hear me and they mayday it/So i could care less if Jay say it"

Whew, get em Terrance. For the uninformed Jay-Z gave Lil Wayne the title of heir to his thrown as the Greatest rappers in the game. Apparently Pusha disagrees, and you all know how i feel about the Clipse.

Anyways, for anyone who is a fan of ice cold bravado and tales of crack sales, this new clipse joint is sure not to disappoint.

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