Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its Thursday and you know what that means...

Were takin it back to a smoother time in hip hop, in California, hell in the world for that matter. This is one of my all time favorite "West Coast" joints of all time.

Mac Mall - My Opinion

Dayum, you hear that gangster ass twism whistle?

That slow drag on the bass line?

The second voice doin doubles throughout the entire song?? (By the way, im about 85% convinced this is where DMX got the idea for that high pitched second voice on the "Damien" joints.)

This had all of the elements of an early '90's Gangsta Rap certified classic.

And for all you Mac Dre "fans" out there, this is who he swagger jacked to become your favorite rapper.

(P.S. The "quotes" are because 70% of the Mac Dre fans nowadays werent even scrapin until after he died.)

Some other bay area joints i was knockin in '95...



-Ollie the slapper

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