Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day: get your game face on

Tomorrow is it folks. The end of the line for this almost 2 year long battle for the white house. If the polls are any indication, Barack has already won before any votes are even counted. Don't let that stop you from getting out there to vote though. I can personally name 10 CLOSE FRIENDS that arent even registered to vote and who honestly dont give a shit one way or another. On top of that, i have a couple other heavily opinionated friends (on both sides of this political coin) who wont be casting a vote either. This is sickening. All i can say is this, DO NOT MAKE A SINGLE COMPLAINT ABOUT THE WAR, ECONOMY, THE PRESIDENT, THE TAXES, THE LACK OF JOBS, OR THIS COUNTRY BECOMING SOCIALIST if you didnt cast a vote.

Besides alllllladat, there are several props that are VERY important for California voters that you punks need to vote on as well.

Every day of my life, i find myself becoming more and more liberal and it's driving me nuts. It's not my fault though, the Republican agenda has become one of ultra conservative christian values that i for one do not share with my party.

Take abortion for instance, in this day and age, Abortion as an option is a must. PERIOD. There are far too many tweenage mothers (i saw 2 15 year old or younger mothers in the doctors office last time i was there), NO 15 year old needs to be having a child, they cant even vote, buy cigarettes, gamble, or even get married...

Which leads me to my next point, I am furious with the stance ultra right wing conservatives have taken on prop 8.

"Restore Traditional Marriage"! Are you serious? At what point was traditional marriage ever broken down that it would now require restoration?? Who cares if gay folks want to be married? I couldnt care less if the gays want to get married, why shouldnt they have the right to SUFFER (haha) through the trials and tribulations of marriage like the rest of the straight world? And as for that whole "teaching marriage in school" rhetoric, PLEASE STOP IT. I went to school, Kindergarten through 12, even some college, and i dont remember it ever being a staple of ANY curriculum to teach children about marriage. The only thing i can think of is the push for marriage between 2 people who love eachother and want to spend their lives together.

For a christian based party whose founding principals are forgiveness and acceptance, (see: accept Jesus, and he will forgive you) you sure are a judgemental and unforgiving group of people with alot of concern for other peoples choice of lifestyle.

As for the rest of the props, they are important but not enough for me to go through them again, but if you want a run down you can always go ahead and CLICK HERE.

Please believe the rhetoric being spouted about this being "THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIVES". It is very true for BOTH political parties.

As a conservative voter, concerned with self preservation, and a FIRM BELIEVER in SELF SUFFICIENCY, i really do not want to be held responsible for keepin the slackers and non contributing members of our society supplied with food. Look, ive been broke, but i never went to the government lookin for handouts, i know folks on Welfare, and they arent abusing the system, they are working and contributing to the welfare system they are drawing from.

Think of it like this, would you expect to recieve social security if you had never put a dime into the social security system??? If you would, then thats where you and I will differ.

To each their own, but just remember, if you vote for Obama you have to see this everyday:


God, my hatred for him just grows everytime i see that smug ass face of his.

GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Ollie the maverick radical

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