Monday, November 3, 2008

Daily dose of wildness

I don't know why it started, but this homie rite chea just starts wild'n the fuck out, throwin monitors at folk, kickin over cubicle walls, and tearin shit up.

LOL when he falls down while tryin to kick over that other cubicle. THEN he somehow finds an axe, but continues to kick rather than really inflictin damage with that big ass axe.

The whole time im watchin this video im wonderin how there isnt a single person in that office that is willin to grab a hold of this wild muhfucka and choke his bitch ass out, and then it happens. The one homie runs over and thugs up, grabs him up Eminem style and drops his bitch ass.

I understand the pain that comes with workin in an office, but damn, i have never seen (personally) a situation escalate beyond a heated arguement.

-Ollie's back

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