Monday, November 24, 2008

Modern fashion: naddagoodlook version 3.0

Some people just let the fact that they are celebrities go straight to their heads. I'm talking more about awful fashion statements folks try to make to somehow set themselves apart from the rest of the sheep, ahem, people that they most likely stole the original idea from. There is ZERO originality in the fashion game anymore. Instead, people are recycling ideas that were bad during their original tenure, and, to be blunt, have only gotten shittier with age.

Exhibit one: Beyonce


Oh man... What do you call these? Chandelier shades? Are these the next step up from that awful shutter shades debacle reminiscent of Kanye? Look, i have honestly been crushin on Beyonce since the "pay my bills" days. There was a point in my life where she could absolutely do no wrong, but lets face it, her auto-pass has been revoked. She wifed up with my main man Jigga, and she has lost 90% of her sex appeal. These glasses right here are just horrible. I dont think you can even see out of them. So, tell me this, when did everyday necessities (i.e. sunglasses) become nothing more than overpriced, completely impractical props for modern fashion?

Exhibit 2: John Legend


John Legend has taken a page out of Big Boi's (Outkast) book of what not to wear. Remember when Big Boi decided to rock the skinny jeans tucked into the rain boots to the B.E.T. music awards? Well, John Legend has taken it a step further. This fit right here seriously looks like he just stepped off the gay cowboy edition Starship Enterprise (Star Trek) with that shiny suit (that he must have borrowed from the Jonas Brothers), the overly aggressive exposed neckline, and those god awful moon (cowboy) boots. I mean, are we seriously buying this as a good look? His stylist should be shot (not to mention fired)...

I've already smashed on Kanye's wardrobe mistakes, so he wont get anymore shine today. More fashion mistakes will be posted as they are located, In the meantime, lets take it back to white tee's (not 5XL X-Tall) crispy denim, and clean sneakers with a fitted cap. Accessories are for girls (yeah im talkin to you Kanye) keep your ass out of Claire's boutiques.

-Ollie the fashion icon

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Kyle said...

I think those aweful moon boots you are refering to are actually Justin ropers and would be super pimp if George strait was strutin em but this fake as cowboy Troy needs to go home with that shit. haha