Monday, November 17, 2008

UFC has become predictable and Joe Rogan still sucks

Despite my passionate and well-documented hatred for Joe Rogan, (CLICK HERE if you are not familiar) like most of America I was unable to avoid watching the Randy Couture VS. Brock Lesnar fight on Saturday night.

Now granted, I was way too drunk for my own, or anyone elses for that matter's safety, but i chose to make the journey over to the homie's house to watch this fight, in hopes that:

A) Joe Rogan had contracted West Nile Virus and was dying a slow painful death on fight night so i would be able to watch the fight without hearing his slobbery drunk/coked the fuck out annoying ass voice...

and B) The fight wouldnt be another Kimbo sham and the better/more experienced fighter would win the fight.

Complete and utter disappoint struck me when neither of the above stated scenarios played out, add to that that i had been drinking hard for about 6 hours straight and maybe now you can guess why my chick slapped me...

Moving on, everyone i know thought that Couture was gonna mop up big Brock and that was gonna be that and on paper, thats about how it should have went.

Can we please get this shit straight right now, Brock Lesnar walks around every day of the year (except for weigh-ins) at easily 285+, he had to cut something like 30 pounds to make weight for this fight and looks like this:


Hes matched up against the more experienced fighter in Randy Couture:


Randy is givin up close to 60 pounds, 6-8 inches, and 14 years in age, I think it was safe to say that experience would not trump size, ability, and youth in this fight.

So after Randy woke up from the slumber that he was put into in the second round, did anyone else notice that the ref let Brock pummel Randy's head an inordinate amount of time longer than anyone else has ever been beat on? if you didnt here's the full fight in its entirety:

Now to the point of the title, the predictabilty of the UFC. Brock Lesnar has had what, 4 professional UFC fights and is now the heavyweight champion?? Isnt that just about the exact same thing that happened when he came into the WWE?? He's this huge intimidating overly-dominant specimen that MUST be the face of the WWE/UFC... I can think of like 4 other heavyweights off the top of my head (and im not even a fan of UFC) that were more deserving of a title shot... And dont, for one second, think that Dana White didn't set this fight up as a means to embarass Randy Couture. Randy is 45 and past his prime, it was time for the belt to change hands so they put him up against a guy that would either A) pummel his ass (see: thats what happened) or B) make him (Randy Couture) look like the baddest man on the planet when he beat him and allow for Randy to retire and give up the belt either way...

It sucks for Randy that it was the latter scenario because him, Ken Shamrock, and Chuck Liddel built the UFC and now they are all has-been's that shouldnt, but probably will, fight again.

Oh yeah, Joe Rogan, don't think i didnt notice that you've been up for the last 3 days on a coke binge... Vegas is your town homie, and once again you proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are indeed the biggest fuckin tool on the planet.

-Ollie the macho man Savage

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Kyle said...

I stand by my former staement that i could tottaly WOOP Mr. Lesnars big ol' ass. He is almost as annoying to me as Tim Sylvia.