Monday, November 10, 2008

Beyonce is responsible for this wildness

HAHAHA... I cannot stop laughin at how quick homegirl(?) dropped it to the flo' on 'em, then "she" has to hold that Serena Williams lookin weave on while doin the damn thang, then the money shot.. SLAM!! LOL.. the best part was that "she" got up and kept dancin like it was nothin... HAHAHA.

You should know that yes, you were checkin out the thigh work of a MAAAN BAAABBBYY (austin powers voice).

Overall i give it a 6 on the humiliation scale... It would have easily been an 8 if the weave would have exited stage left when ol' boy dipped it too low and snapped that ankle off.



Kyle said...

I truly get a kick out of watching other peoples misfortunes. You should put more shit like this on here.

Kristen said...

If s/he was the only one in the room, how on earth did this video end up on youtube if not by the dancing queen's own doing?