Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the best backyard in the world belongs to a white girl??

Just press play...

First off, sorry fellas for that brotha showin up in the middle of what should be the greatest video ever made, "the worlds best ass" contest.

Now i know its not completely true that the best ass belongs to a white girl, cause she is obviously brazilian, but she is definitely pigmently challenged, more European than anything.

I cant even front, that ass is proper, great shape, good hook and arch game, silky smoove and alladat, but the best in the world??

I-ont know bout dat. I think a little more meat should be required to get blessed with the title of "best backyard in the world" but thats just me...

Fellas, is this the best rump you ever laid eyes on??

-Ollie in translation


**EDIT** ol' girl's last name is Fronckowiak, so yes, she is definitely a white girl. BIG UPS!!!


Kyle said...

Dear Olliver thank you for making my wish cum true haha(sorry i had to do it)That is an extremely proper backyard , but best in the world?

mr know it all aka b aka mr nice aka dont gotta wife...holla said...

aint no way in hell no white bitch havin the best back yard in the word uhhhhh uhhhh not now not neva...ok back to normal talk...id fuck the shit out the broad, but ive truthfully been with bigger asses...i need some size for i to be the best...and it wouldnt hurt to not have some fag in the video prancin around kekekekekekek keeee kekekekeke