Monday, November 17, 2008

Memo to the legions of fans

It has recently come to my attention that my slacking off has not gone unnoticed. For this i am sorry. I have been in the lab crackin out every day tryin to get some new shit up for the people. Two posts a day isnt cuttin it, especially when they are both videos. Ive been slackin in my mackin, but i promise that ends today and im back on my grizzly. Please take it easy on me, im only one person and im tryin real hard to get back to the original greatness of this site.

So let me hit you off with some updates...

**Got some interviews in the works with several up and coming/established emcees beasting on the independent game.

**I think im ready to unleash the great self debate on the people.

**Workin on a limited run of shirts/stickers, but only those that participate will be eligible to recieve them.

**Lots of other stuff to look out for in the weeks/months to come and WATCH OUT FOR THE BAMA IN 2009!!

Sincerest apologies

-Oliver Wrist


Kyle said...

Im glad my bitching didnt go unnoticed that is why we can still remain friends

B the hott spitten creep said...

there is no better up and coming mc than ya boy right here to interview awww what the fuck am i saying ive already made it kekekekekekekekeke keeeee kekekekeke (see: max b's laugh) <------ u like that huh holla atcha boy