Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Allow me to (re)introduce myself:

Oliver Wrist interviews Oliver Wrist part 1:

(OW) Whats your name??

(OW) -My name is Oliver Wrist a.k.a. Ollie the kid, Ollie the dondada, Allover Wrist, Allofher Wrist, Ollie the Maverick, Ollie the Don King of Blogging, etc. etc. I am also one half of the world's greatest (or worst?) dj duo "the fingersmiths" with my partner/brother Fuzzy Badfeet a.k.a. Young Smalls.

What do you do?

-Im just a regular guy with irregular skill.

What are your "skills"?

-google search ninja, pointing out peoples inherent flaws, bad jokes, incredible timing, creative wordplay, non-conformist, self appointed critic of all things wordly, ice cold chauvinism, beer consumption, tomfoolery, general asshole behavior, etc.

What seperates you from other bloggers??

-This blog revolves around me and my take on the world. I spend countless hours searching the internet to bring the loyal readers (all 6 of you) the best/most useless stuff out there on the web. I dont fill any niche's in the blog world, because my topics range from early '90's bay area rap, to why John McCain was my choice for President, to WWF wrestling, to videos of people actin a fool, to critiquing other websites, to shameless self promotion, to why i hate Joe Rogan, and beyond! This blog is/should be everyone's source for daily news because i only report things that are truly important (in my opinion anyway, which we all know is the only opinion that matters) to me.

Why are you so great?

-I have an overwhelming amount of self confidence. I am never under any deadlines so what i write about comes off relaxed. I have a day job so this blog doesnt make or break me...

Coke or Pepsi?

-Coke normally, but now im off the caffeine so im drinkin caffeine free pepsi.

Whats for dinner?

-Steak and Potatos if i have my choice.

Why the Cubs?

-Its a long story. I'll sum it up. My uncle + WGN + my whole life = Cubs fan. If you dont understand, let me put it another way. When i was young and would stay over at my cousins crib, my uncle would always watch the Cubs games. I asked why? one time and he said that it was either the Cubs (WGN) or the Braves (TBS) being televised. You could always see the Cubs on TV, so ive been ridin ever since.

Does everyone think youre an asshole?

-My mom doesn't, she knows. LOL.

Did you ever think you would be a blogger/why did you start blogging??

-No...I work a desk job and spend about 70% of my day cruisin the interweb. I started reading some other folks' blogs and realized that what they were doin wasnt hard. So, with my effortless delivery of words, and my well-etched brand of humor i thought i could easily develop a following, create a market for myself and start getting paid to do what i would normally be doing anyways (i.e. makin fun of folks, watching youtube videos, finding funny news stories, scopin bad bitches, etc.)

Are you making any money yet?

-Well that all depends on how you look at it.. I get paid an hourly wage to be at this desk, but while at this desk i create/update/maintain this blog, so i guess you could say im getting paid to blog. LOL.
Nah but seriously though, if you people would get more involved and interact (see: leave comments) and stop by 10-20 times a day i could prolly parlay this blog into some cash to buy my chick some furs and myself some gators. Help a player out and support your boy!!!

Whats in store for the future?

-I'd like to press on with the BAMA, expand the content, include some new/other contributors, campaign for world domination, maybe some t-shirts for any fans out there..

Where else can people find you?

- NICKELPLATEDBAMA is on myspace Just click and add NPB on myspace, and if youre lucky i'll add you to my personal page Ollie da don.

Any shoutouts?

Yeah, big shouts to all the bad females that have been featured here as BBOTD, shout to my chick for puttin up with all of my bullshit everyday, AN EXTRA LARGE shout out to ANYONE that does stupid shit and has the good sense to film it and post it up for my viewing pleasure, my brother, my peoples, and the legions of fans (all 8 of you).. Kyle, Brandon, i see you muhfuckas. Quit lurkin and start participating.

-Ollie the journalist


Kyle said...

Listen son I try to leave a comment atleast every 4 or so of your entries and im pretty sure im up there in the top 1 or 2 spots for commenting. Brandon on the other hand is just an all around shitty friend for his lack of participation(Brandon I appologize if u read this if not im not sorry haha). By the way i love how you interviewed you that was witty.
P.S. more bithces eating shit or i dont know some funny shit from jerry springer or sometnin just an idea.

Kristen said...

I like how you went from 6 loyal readers in the first paragraph to 8 in the last like you knew this particular article would increase your approval rating.