Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This demands everyone's attention

For those of you that don't read/leave comments (first off fuck you very much, haha jokes) this is a comment i recieved from a close personal friend regarding my disgust with that god foresaken list of influential men...

And i quote:

"As a friend of yours i have to tell you that it is not very becoming of you to "sweat" another person ESPECIALLY a fuckin 106 year old Mccain. I am not stating that Obama will be any sort of great savior of our nation but the fact still remains that John mccain sucks dick its litteraly a fact. Look it up"


I wanted to publicly respond...

Dear Kyle,

Sweating McCain is hardly the case.

I just think its a huge mistake to have anyone other than Obama and McCain as the 2 most influential people in the world right now. Plain and simple.

Furthermore, I am not so much pro-McCain, as I am anti-Obama.

Please don't give me that "cause hes black" business either.

I am completely sickened by the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo, Christian Bale, Gordon Ramsey, Robert Downey Jr., etc. all seem to have a bigger influence on the WORLD than a 30 year senator/presidential candidate, but you notice Obama gets top billing on the list... interesting i think.

As stated earlier, McCain was not my choice for the republican party, i would have preferred Romney or Guiliani, but we get what we get, and as a conservative voter (one of the only openly conservative "hip hop based" celebrity bashing bloggers that i am currently aware of) i have to combat the brutally biased leftist Obama movement, with the other side of the political coin.

I just hope you vote today Kyle, otherwise anything you ever say to me in regards to a political opinion will be moot.


Ollie the Maverick


Kyle said...

Dear Olliver I hope that you did not take my remark of "sweating" to be too terribly offensive,and i can see your point of view about everyone we know jumping on the Obama train. I would never give you that "because hes black shit" in fact i believe the only reason he made the top of the list is because he is black. However that old man is number two on your friends list and maybe that is why one could have mistaken you of "sweating" ur boy-much love keep the good shit rollin

oliver wrist said...

After today McCain will be off of my friends list. Just wanted everyone to know where i stood.