Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Album cover of the day

The Ohio Players - Mr. Mean


The band name, the title of the album, the artwork, all of it is so very misleading.

When I look at this album i think "these muhfuckas rite chea is ice cold".. im assuming that is the standard they were trying to set, but once you actually blow the dust off and play these tracks you realize these fools are fakin the funk.

Lets break it down a little shall we...

Starting from stage left (<--that side) Would you look at the size of your boys 'fro? He is shutting Ben Wallace down, end of story. Look at the size of his lips too... It looks to me like he is holding a blunt of some sort with his mouth, but that could just be alot more lip, and dont even get me started on that ruffled up shirt.

Then you got the chick that looks like a bootleg Darlene Ortiz (Ice T's ex-wife from the cover of the Power album):

(another classic album cover by the way)

Next up is who i have to assume is the lead singer of the group. When you get center billing on an album cover featuring 4 brovas and a smoothed out breezy, you have to be holdin' the juice. Besides, he was the only one allowed to wear a hat (a fedora at that, look at the bling on his pinky finger, the perfectly lined up mustache... he's the boss of this crew.

Then you got the staple light-skinded brotha. Sure he's a little pigmently challenged, but dont get it twisted, with that afro standin up at attention and that smoothed out suit, your boy is prolly the definition of an Ohio Player. I wonder if there was any arguement about him havin that cigarette in his mouth for the cover of the album?

The last guy is just boring. Is he doing the robot?? He has no flair. The high top fade was standard issue. No facial hair, no hat, nothin to set him apart from the rest of the crew, but i get the feeling he wants it that way. Im convinced that this cat was still selling cocaine at the time of this photo... Dont ask me why, i just know these things..

P.S. i actually own this album on vinyl.

-Young Ollie 'da Don

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Kyle said...

That fag on the left looks like "Prince" or whatever he is called now but with one wicked bad affro