Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nicole Eggert was showing me things way back when...

Remember this bird??


She was Jamie Powell on Charles in Charge and the subject of every teen male's (and some females) fantasies for several years. I used to peep her tough back when i was like 8-9 years old (i started scopin chicks early) then continued pervin out on her well into my teens thanks to tv syndication.

At the ripe old age of 36 ol' girl is still keepin it tight:


Angle 2 please:


Like i said before, when i was young i wasnt checkin for backyards. The chest plate, blonde hair, and cute face were all that mattered. Boy, am i glad i grew the fuck up, cause homegirl is sufferin from a severe case of the assatalls... You know, when you have no ass at all...

Nicole Eggert was/is bad... She even got down in the red bathing suit for a couple seasons of Baywatch, thanks trick!

-Allofher Wrist

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BunBun4life said...

Google: Nicole Eggert, what the hell happened?

Nicole Eggert - fat as hell

Nicole Eggert at the twilight premier. Cause you said she was 36 in one of those pictures, she's only 40 now, and looks like she gained 100 pounds and smashed her face into a drag queen