Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Your daily dose of wild

Holy lord, this one takes the cake:

First off, we gotta give homie an A for effort.

Second, I got some questions. i gotta know A) what bet he lost or how much he got paid for this, cause there is no way anyone (no matter how delusional) could ever think this is a good look. B) Where did he find that outfit in his size?? C) Did anyone else notice that there is like 4 seperate takes edited together to make this video? Why? I imagine he was running out of breath. It takes alot of effort to move that much weight around...

At the 28 second mark, watch homie get that neck a-twirkin!! LOL. Then, watch how violently the camera starts shakin around the 32 second mark. Are those foot stomps causing that? I cant imagine anyone else is in that room filming this hot mess, and if it was someone else filming they must have been laughing hysterically!

Thank you Beyonce for causing all of this wildness.

-Ollie's back


**Update** the video is loading slow and sometimes not at all. I havent found a better host so just keep tryin to reload the page, until i can find better means for your viewing pleasure.


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Kristen said...

First of all, I'm pretty sure my boss is going to fire me for showing him this video after he is done goin' all Oedipus and gouging out his own eyeballs but personally I love how you can catch the occasional glimpse of gorilla hair on the upper portion of this guy's back where his leotard wont reach. And secondly, is that a sweat rag that appears as if from nowhere and ends up doubling as a prop?