Friday, November 14, 2008

Thug Ethicist Volume 1

This is a video he (Max B, formerly of DIPSET fame) did for Complex Magazine where he gives answers/advice to ethical dilemnas from cats who write in. Just watch, this cat is too funny.

LOL. "Just let him know you know but dont let him know you know, you know?"

Damn this fool is ignant, and that hyena cackle he hits 'em off with is pure comedy "kee keek keekekekeeeeekee"... I seriously cant get enough Max B lately.

For those who are new(er) to the blog, I've been blessin the world with Max B's "Biggavelli TV" videos for a while now. Dude is just icey as hell...

Did I ever mention the fact that this fool is smaller than Katt Williams?

Jim Jones, quit bullshittin, the wavy one Max B spit the hooks for 90 percent of the tracks on Hustler's P.O.M.E. and saved that album from being a one single blunder (remember BALLLLLIIINNNN!!!?)

Speakin of Jim Jones, one of my favorite people ever, Dame Dash, has apparently lost his mind and has gone on record saying that jim's new album is gonna "rank up there with Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt and Dr. Dre's The Chronic as one of the most influential/classic albums of all time."

WWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTT??!?!?!? I always give credit where credit is due, but NOWAYINHELL could Jim Jones put out an album that would even rival a 50 Cent release. Its just not hatnin. Sorry. The end.

-Ollie Ollie Oxenfree

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