Monday, November 3, 2008

A message from your future Governor

This is a message i recieved via comment on the post i made last week about the California Props. It was written by Young Smalls, whom i have asked to participate in this blog on numerous occasions, but he doesnt fancy himself a comedic writer so he tends to just read the blog and tell me what he thought about it when i see him later in the day. Anyways, here is Smalls' take on the current state of California politics, and a little insight for you ignorant people out there (if you took offense to that ignorant statement then i was definitely refering to you).


To my big brother,

Despite your affinity for funny topics ranging from bad bitches to hideous wardrobe choices, I must say I am truly impressed by your desire to blog outside your typical realm of expertise (see BBOTD, etc.) In fact, your breakdown of California Propositions has created a sense of urgency to be heard that I haven't felt since the Presidential election of 2004.

People, lets get it right here, the most commonly felt impact of political propaganda comes in the form of state decisions that directly influence our daily lives. For instance, the ability to drive our car from SF to LA or whether we accept gay partners as neighbors. Though you surely disagree, a different President may or may not affect your daily life. However, a list of CA propositions in this years ballot focuses entirely on one issue that affect all Californians: Are Californians willing to shoulder the financial burden of implementing radical political decisions? I dare say we are not.

Example: Right now our economy faces a problem best described as recession (or better yet, a Depression). As such, any political decision that would involve shifting more money out of American's pockets into programs controlled solely by governmental agencies is likely to be met with a decisive "NO" vote (this process is called the political feasibility test). However, this does not mean that some individuals truly see policy problems and would be willing to lose more of their hard earned money to witness excessive change.

Lets get real here. As America continues to suck on the tit of "CHANGE," it has become more apparent to me that individuals are beginning to see themselves in a different light. Rather than believing that we are adults capable of altering our own situations, we have begun to look to other people to grab the reins and steer us in a different direction (see Barack Obama).

People, we have clearly forgotten that America is a government for the people, by the people. How has our perception of governments role in our lives changed so much since we consented to its creation? Have we forgotten that as the voters, all of the governments power is actually in our hands?

To the loyal readers of NICKELPLATEDBAMA, use your heads. Spending money never changes its form and somehow becomes saving money. Better yet, even if a proposition on the ballot could potentially save us money in the long term sense, not a single American politician is focused on long term American welfare. Rather, it is extremely apparent, that all issues eligible for a vote on November 4th are aimed at some short term fix to a decade long (or longer) problem.

If we are going to admit that hasty decisions from the last Administration had more short term impacts on American problems than long term (economy, foreign policy, etc.), then why would we agree to put another candidate/proposition into office/law that is aimed at providing a short term fix to a long living issue?

I will be the first to admit that finding resolution is always a great platform for success in government. However, I do not feel that sacrificing individuals money, liberty, freedom, and privacy is somehow a recipe for problem solving (see the Patriot Act, Stimulus Package, War in Iraq, etc). Thus, I depart with this piece of advice: A little information is very helpful in deciphering those issues that are most important to you. However, short term fixes never equate to absolute prosperity (see French Revolution or Karl Marx). As a result, take the information available and use your ability to interpret it before making any rash decisions. Just because a candidate or policy promises to bring every individual closer to form of utopia doesn't mean there isn't a cause/effect with negative consequences.

Thomas Jefferson said it best: "Just because the job of government is to improve the lives of its citizens, doesn't mean that they are not doing their job when no changes are made."


-Young Smalls AKA Fuzzy Badfeet of the world famous Fingersmiths

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