Monday, November 17, 2008

This fool never ceases to amaze me

Normally, im not a big fan of 50 but he hit the nail di-rect-ly on the head with this one... Watch this video of 50 takin' sneaky little jabs at Kanye's punk ass new album...

"HAHA. This is T-Pain's album, i'd rather buy it from T-Pain." My sentiments exactly FIF.

Side note: 50 finally realized that its not 2001 anymore and he is going to have to put out more than one lead single if he plans to get the sales he has come to expect from his albums, because he pushed the release date of his newest project "Before I Self Destruct" from December 2008, to early 2009 because he was being rushed to finish... AHHHHNNTTT wrong answer! He pushed it back cause he needs to find another single to generate some buzz...

Interesting album title by the way, seeing as how this fools new TV show is trash, the lead single off the album "Get Up" is completely recycled material and is straight up garbage, and not one person in G-Unit has dropped a platinum album in over a year. Id say the self destruction has already begun, 50 just doesnt seem relevant anymore unless he's creating beef with Kanye.

The worst part of this whole post is that Kanye will outsell 50, even though he's singing 98.9% of the album. GRRRRR..

-Ollie's hatin again

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