Tuesday, November 4, 2008

There will be no election talk today!

Yeah Right!!!

Come on folks, its November 4th, 2008. Its election day. Its time to get out there and do the right thing for yourselves (whatever your choice is, just make sure you not only voice it, but actually vote) and for your country.

It is the civic duty of EVERY AMERICAN to take a stance on every issue modern society is facing, MAN THE FUCK UP!!, and get out there and VOTE!

Whats it gonna be America? and more importantly California??

Are we going to piss and moan for the next 4 years about making the wrong decision? Is Barack Obama really going to be the savior of America??

"Lets get real here, As Americans continue to suck on the tit of "CHANGE", it has become more apparent to me that individuals are beginning to see themselves in a different light. Rather than believing that we are adults capable of altering our own situations, we have begun to look to other people to grab the reins and steer us in a different direction (see: Barack Obama)." - Young Smalls

There is NO ONE PERSON that is going to change this country. It takes the entire nation to elect this…ehem… singular figure…we are seeking, and believe it or not folks, even after he is elected, it is still in the hands of Americans to decide what he can and cannot do.

All this “WE NEED CHANGE” and “YES WE CAN” rhetoric is nothing more than a well scripted crowd pleasing chant.

The change comes FROM US, not FOR US. Just remember that.

-Ollie has voted, have you??

P.S. Californian's NO is the way to go.

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