Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Things done changed...

First off, all congratulations are due and payable to Mr. Barack Obama for his historic win in the 2008 presidential election. In all sincerity, Obama rocked the campaign trail and gave McCain a severe ass whoopin'.

The new first family as of January 20, 2009. Congratulations.


Ok, now that the ass kissin is over with, i would like to address what really happened in this election.

First of all, Obama won in a landslide in the electoral college, at last count 349-161. In the electoral college, save for maybe 4 or 5 states, if you win the state, you win the entire states contribution of electoral college votes. So what that means is, even though McCain won 20 states in the election, his biggest state was Texas with the majority of the other states contributing no more than 5 votes. On the flip side of that coin, Obama won California which carries 55 votes with it (as compared to 34 in Texas) AND New York which carries 31. You can see how winning a few key states can basically ensure a candidates success.

In the actual National Popular Vote it broke down like this:

Obama gets 62,926,158 votes and McCain gets 55,729,124 votes (at time of post), thats a difference of 7,197,034 or 6 percentage points as Obama won 52% to McCain's 46%.

It wasnt really the landslide that is being reported by most liberal media sources.

Other very important factors in this election (yes there was more than just a presidential election) were the senate and house seats up for grabs.

At last count the Democrats gained 20 seats in the house. Which gave them a 248-187 majority in the house. **Note: 218 seats are needed to be the majority.**

In the senate, the Democrats now also have the majority with a 54-41 seat advantage. **note: 50 senate seats are needed for a majority.** With 5 seats still unaccounted for. (Crazy ass left wing nut bag Al Franken is fighting it out to the death on a 0.2 point margin of defeat against his republican opponent).

This is scary for a really conservative voter (luckily i am quite moderate), with the Democrats running the white house, the senate, and the house.

In California, there is still no final decision on prop 8, which i find completely ridiculous. Again, ultra right wing conservatives make my fiscally based conservative nature look bad. **note: at last count, the vote was leaning toward YES.** That is just terrible folks.

On a side note, i am way overdue on my report of "Real Chance of Love" but i havent had a chance to watch it as i have spent the last couple of nights glued to election coverage.

I hope this brought everyone up to speed and gave some insight as to where this country may be headed.

Im not mad at Obama, i said it before, McCain didnt stand a chance as the Republican candidate after the extremely hated Bush Administration.

P.S. much respect due to President Bush for his congratulatory speech to president-elect Obama.

Overall, this was a good election. No terribly foul play, no cheating, no recounts, and oh yeah...

64.1% of Americans turned out to vote, the most since 1908!!!! Thats 100 years folks.

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Kristen said...

why did michelle obama choose to wear a dress that makes her look like a black widow?