Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christine Lakin was my first crush

and most of you are prolly thinkin' who?? and with good reason, shes like a z-list celebrity nowadays. You may remember her as "Al" from "Step By Step" the hit sit-com from ABC in the '90's.

Lets have a look at our girl "Al" back in the day:


Remember her now? The tom-boyish little sister?? Suzanne Sommers step-daughter? Man, I was like 8 or 9 when i first laid eyes on her (Christine not Suzanne, although Suzanne is damn fine in her own right, memba those thighmaster commercials?).

So, when i started thinkin about who my throwback bad bitch was gonna be today i had originally planned to go some place completely different, but a quick google search of "Al+Step by Step" gave me Christine Lakin and her all grown up fine little self...

Now let me clarify, i was not crushin on the little tom-boy sister, i was crushin on the huge chest plate post puberty sexy little minx sister as seen here:


DAYUM! When i was like 12/13 that was the business. I actually feel like a bit of a perv being all grown up myself and reminiscing on my childhood crushes... Eh, fuggit.

You ready for Ms. Thang all growed up???


She slimmed down just a touch, the only problem is, it seems that the weight loss unfortunately meant that those "D's" went down to a moderate B/C cup...

Or did they??


Whew, now i know i typically am too pre-occupied with the backyard to spend this much time discussin the chest plate, but you gotta remember, this is throwback thursday and when i reflect on my adolescence i dont even remember the booty being relevant AT ALL (boy am i glad i grew up)...

On to some the inevitable bikini shots:


Are we seein some thigh?!?!? Is that an arch?!?!? YES! and Yes!

Dare I say im seein a little hook too??

Nope... just wishful thinkin.

One more for good measure:


Those eyes are talkin to me...

Christina, if you ever read this, holler at ol' Ollie, i will take you places.

-Ollie the Lover

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