Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ASR/AGENDA San Diego 2009 Day One

I have been putting this off since Sunday. Why? Because I have alot of photos, but not nearly enough to document the entire event. Fuck it. Here goes. The story will be broken down into sections. Unfortunately, the first section will have limited photos. Don't skip though, the story itself is pretty good.

***EDITOR'S NOTE: If the photos are cut off, just double click on them to open in a new window for full effect, I uploaded them in a "large" format and this blog layout does not support that size. Unfortunately for you all, I am lazy, so you can just click if you want the full photo.***

Thursday afternoon:

The homie Sam FTK Construction picks me up from Smalls' house and we hit the open road, lookin for adventure. HAHA. Gay. Anyways, I haven't spent any significant amount of time with Sam in prolly like 6 years due to a small misunderstanding that neither of us seemed to care enough about to address until now. Water under the bridge as they say. After some catchin up and bullshittin' I realize I've had to piss for like over an hour. I tell Sam to pull over sometime soon. He takes this literally and pulls off on the first exit we come to. Downtown ECHO PARK. The Hood. Great. We drive under the overpass and realize it is strictly industrial. Turn around, wait for a train to pass, and finally find a McDonald's. This place is unfriendly to say the least. So hood in fact, I opted to leave the camera in the car, so as to avoid snapping any photos of folks against their will thus putting Sam and I in a less than promising situation. I piss, slap some stickers up, and were off. Nothing too important happens, the rest of the drive, until I see this sign:

(Insert Photo Here) Yeah, I couldn't catch the flick cause we passed the sign doing 80. It wasn't the picture on the sign that mattered anyway, its what the sign said.

"Do you urinate when you cough or sneeze? 1 in 3 women suffers from this..." HAHAHAHA. What the FUCK? Seriously...

We get to San Diego, drive up and down Broadway lookin for our hotel. Valet Park (not cause were that bossy, but because it was the only option). Check in, head up to our room, get unpacked, get changed, get dipped and head out. (Shout out to TBC for the hook on the hotel room. $39.00 a night on peak weekend rates muhfuckas). 2 blocks from the telly I catch this guy:


He asks me for a tip... So I tell him "You should prolly shave your arm pits too".

After walking the wrong direction like 8 blocks, we turn around and head back the right way towards the Hard Rock Hotel to meet up with the cats from ORISUE.

**Side Note** If you're not familiar with Orisue Clothing and what they are bringin to the table, slap yoself. These cats got a mean cut and sew game, and are actually tryin to push the boundaries of fashion. Fuck Streetwear, these dudes are bringin Heatwear!

At the Hard Rock, I get introduced to Travis. A younger member of the Orisue staff who can't get into the bars yet, so he' havin a party in a suite upstairs. Head up, meet a couple of cats, see the amount of underage tail, I look at Sam, he looks at me, we give "the nod" and call it a wrap.

Big shout to Travis for havin us come thru though, and to be completely honest I would have loved to have kicked it and harrassed those little birdies all night if there would have been some boos around.

Fuck it. We mash out to go grab some drinks and get told at the 7-eleven that "there are no alcoholic beverages sold downtown after 10:00 p.m.". ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING? Scribble this into your mental notebook as it will come back up again later.

It's now approx. midnight and we havent eaten shit all day.

We got a hot dog. Its called "the deep south". It is really good.


**Hebrew National. Mustard. Cheddar Cheese. Cole Slaw.**

The hot dog wasn't enough so we caught a slice of pizza and called it a wrap.

Day 2 of the trip tomorrow. For the record, I have the story typed up but I have to resize all of the images because it sucks to have to click every photo to view it. First thing Wednesday morning.

-Ollie the Traveler

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