Friday, January 9, 2009

Banger of the Day: Scarface - High Notes

My admiration of Scarface and his longevity in this hip hop game is well documented. This cat crosses every so called "border" of rap. What do I mean? Well, he's from Texas, but gets love out West and Up North AND back East. Dude does it somethin serious. This joint rite chea is no exception either, have a listen...

"you can spend it wit' cha man/ ya'll can walk the malls/ tear dat muhfucka down/ I just want the drawls"

So very very icey in deed.

Rumor has it that face is set to retire, well at least he's Going Out On Top. Click that shit to watch the original video for "High Notes", its damn near a porno. P.S. Do not watch while at work.


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