Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Things that kill me: revisited

I dont feel like this post got enough love when i posted it back in November, so, Im gonna repost it now. Why am I on such a hatrid mission today? I dont know. I must'a slept wrong or somethin.

This is going to be an ongoing rant/list of things/people that piss me off. I'll just start and keep going. I will include pictures when needed.

1. Joe Rogan.


2. Matching 6 colors on your shirt to 6 colors on your shoes and 6 colors on your hat (you know who you are).


3. The fact that they have made every comic book/cartoon into a movie except for the ones i care about. i.e. Thundercats and G.I. Joe. Seriously.


4. People who make one blog post a day and get 1,000 comments, but I work extra hard to drop (on average) 4 posts a day and only get 1 fuckin’ comment.

5. On the subject of bloggers, I hate that these fakers are getting’ paid.

6. People who make money doing what I do.

7. Kanye West thinkin’ he can sang. Hell Kanye West in general circa 2008 and his awful sunglass collection.


8. All white air force ones costing 85 bones.


9. Fat chicks with tongue rings.


10. K-swiss sneakers (especially in the all white variety).

11. Every person having their own clothing line. I just want to print shirts for advertisement.

12. 250 styles of L.A. Dodgers/Atlanta Braves New Eras and 6 styles of Chicago Cubs.

13. People who owe me money and don’t pay up.

14. Awful colorways of my favorite shoe styles.


15. Waking up at 6:30 on a Saturday.

16. People that throw snowballs.

17. Girls with no ass tryin’ to poke it out.

18. Girls that think coke skinny is sexy.


19. Falling down when im drunk and tearing my ACL.

20. 8 dollar beers.

21. Everyone on Earth owning at least 5 “tapout” shirts.


22. Any clothing company that still incorporates skulls into their designs.


23. Brass Knuckles as a staple of “streetwear” culture.

24. Streetwear being a culture.

25. Tattooed sleeves as a status symbol.

26. Spiked hair.

27. Having to shave.

28. People with 10,000+ friends on myspace.

29. People who think facebook is better than myspace, I cant even figure out how to use facebook.

30. Norv Turner. In fact, the entire San Diego Chargers management. BRING BACK MARTY!!!


31. Body odor. Worse than that the people who don’t realize they smell.

32. Jealousy.

33. Not being able to drink caffeine.


34. Anxiety. Social or other.

35. My chick never being on time.

36. People that smoke cigarettes to be part of the crowd.

37. Girls that wear spandex pants with ultra short dresses, that shit looks awful.

38. Paying for water.


39. People who tell me what I should write about on MY blog without solicitation.

40. Having to work.

41. People who are content with being worthless.

42. Ringtone rap.

(If you dont recognize these maggots they are the shop boyz and are responsible for that god awful joint "party like a rockstar" and are actually perpetrating approx 6 of the things on this list.)

43. People who don’t allow embedding of youtube videos.

44. Perez Hilton.

45. Faux Hawks.

46. Skinny jeans.

47. Flannel makin’ a comeback. That shit is for lumberjacks and pajamas. Period.


48. Akon.


49. T-Pain.

50. Joe Biden.


51. Bitches with 8 kids receiving welfare. Get a job and get fixed you dumb hoe!

52. Soulja Boy.


53. 1 in every 10 people being a rapper and thinking that is a viable source of income.

54. Britney Spears letting herself go. She basically started the thick white chick movement.


55. Fat girls that wear belly shirts.


56. Dumb ass loud bitches tryin to fight dudes.

57. My brother thinkin’ that he owns my turntables.

58. Not being able to slap bitches that deserve it.

59. Chicks that look dead.


60. People that post more than 2 bulletins a day on myspace.

61. Silver spoon little maggots who have never had to work a day in their life and drive around in BMW’s and own the entire LRG fall line, FUCK YOU.

62. Mac Dre fans circa 2006. You weren’t knockin’ that shit in ’98 don’t act like your up on game now.

63. The shit that gets accepted as art these days. My 4 year old nephew could paint that.


64. People who wear sunglasses at night.

65. Extra long “nightgown” white t’s.


66. Dirty white kicks.

67. Pregnant bitches thinking its cute to walk around in a bikini top.


68. Being perpetually sick from the first of December til the middle of March.

69. Waiting in any sort of line for any amount of time for any particular service.

70. 30 degree weather.


Jonny D said...

I agree with almost everything on this list but you hatin on the thick white women movement?

oliver wrist said...

Dear Jonny,

NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! Where the hell would you get that idea? I live for the thick white woman...

oliver wrist said...

EDIT** I see where you might have gotten confused. Let me clarify...

I hate that Britney Spears let herself become a fat heffer when she basically started the thick white woman revolution.


T motha fuckin money said...

HAHAHA, i just showed your blog to the other designers at work, we're rolling. This shit is by far the best part of your blog. couldnt agree with anything more. Keep it up bro. ill be on here daily