Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Party In My Pants

So, I know this kid that calls himself "Bubbie Danger" and he is straight up fuckin WILD. This is a poem that he wrote, taken directly from his myspace page, I thought the shit was hillarious, so I figured I should share it with the drones of fans lurkin around on the BAMA.

"The Party In My Pants"

by: Bubbie Danger

"i can hear a constant hum but can not distingush its wear a bouts. i have numb checks and an un setaling urge for pancakes. maybe if i drink watter i will be ok. but, what if the watter kills me like that chick on the radio. I am in a constant fit of un comfitorabolness when it comes to important stuff like always being fake enougf to desquize thy impurities. im like water with little baby misqutos in it. I just wiggole around and wait to suck ur blood. maybe when i wake up i will find my self in a new place full of things i like. i will be surounded in all my bla bla blas and who cares. basically what im saying is that i dont feel comfitorable saying that my central nervous system was ever properly placed in my body. because sometimes its like my brain works un properly, like a bald guys comb over. I also like nachos with halopanos, because i like things spicy. my left lower back some sort of organ/muscle really hurts. is it the water? or the party in my pants?"


I once heard Bubbie perform this live in a spoken word format. I can't explain the sounds that came out of me while I went into convulsions laughing with Bubbie as he screamed this at the top of his lungs to an accoustic guitar backdrop. STRAIGHT UP CLASSIC.

I hope you got as big of a kick out of it as I did.


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T motha fuckin money said...

hahahha, i want whatever that kid is on.

We should send him a hooked on phonics beginner starter kit.