Friday, January 9, 2009

Reez @

Yo, the (internet) homie Reez over at just gave me the confirmation that the BAMA is official enough to get a little love down in San Diego at the Agenda trade show...

Not familiar with Agenda?? you should go ahead and CLICK HERE.

Since 90% of the readers of this blog are prolly lazier than I am, I will give you the "about" section from the AGENDA show web page...


"The Agenda Trade Show is a forum for the most inspired in the streetwear and action sports industries to unite. Lines speak for themselves and buyers are not intimidated by the usual overwhelming tradeshow experience. From the garage-run lines on the verge of explosion, to the well-established elite, Agenda caters to the needs of buyers and brands that exist on a higher level of design and aesthetic. With a strong emphasis in style, art, music and culture, the Agenda experience is as much a lesson as it is a tool.

AGENDA is pleased to announce the 12th installment of our San Diego event. We’re dedicated to making our 30th trade show worldwide, our finest yet."

"In just over five years, Agenda, the alternative clothing trade show has expanded from a single event to four shows in two cities. Agenda’s blend of bold, innovative designers, clothing and footwear have attracted buyers from cutting-edge boutiques on both coasts, Tokyo, London and chains of all sizes, in discovering the next wave of labels.

Agenda’s blend of art, music and fashion has doubled the number of Exhibitors for 2008.

If you haven’t visited Agenda you haven’t seen the whole picture. In an ever-changing fashion world you can’t afford to be a step behind or even Just keep pace. Be an innovator, put Agenda on your itinerary."


Exhibitors for the Agenda show include everyone from Supra Footwear to Upper Playground clothing to Alife to Grenade Gloves. An entire list of exhibitors can be found if you go ahead and CLICK HERE.

There's also tons of bad bitches, great photo ops, d-list celebrities, etc.

**SIDE NOTE** When I went to ASR (Read Below about ASR) in 2004 I met William Baldwin amongst others. Also, several porn stars in the mix, and considering that TBC is stayin' home, this should prove to be a super fun time...

Needless to say this is going to be a huge spring board for Nickelplatedbama in 2009.

I made a deal with the devil (so to speak) so will now be mentioned no less than 5 times a day for the next month.. HAHA!

In other news, I will also be attending the ASR trade show which is being held the same weekend just down the road from AGENDA. ASR is Action Sports Retailers, basically the home for everything from Body Glove to Volcom to Red Bull to LRG. The show is crazy big... Now, I've been to ASR before. I actually had a pretty good time, but its hard not to when you're freshly 21, single, and the trip is all expenses paid (thanks D). This time around though, considering I am prolly flyin solo, unless Young Smalls steps his game up I imagine I will be spending more time at AGENDA because the crowd there will be alot less of this...


And alot more of this...


Which my hijinx and slick tongue tends to do better dealing with. I dont know what it is about the cats that rep Tapout, but they don't let ANYTHING slide when it comes to clownin'. Don't get it twisted, Ain't no kool-aid pumpin in my heart, but I'm definitely not tryin to hold it down against the UFC rejects solo. HAHA.

Overall, I'm super excited and couldn't be more in debt to the homie Reez puttin me down. Big ups to for givin a young broke writer a chance to cover a pretty big show.

Did I mention how dope is? Haven't gone? GO NOW!!

-Ollie in Charge