Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally A Rapper I Can Get Behind...

NO HOMO! (haha)

Finally, someone says (in rhyme form) what alot of us have been screamin for the past year.

Termanology - Tight Pants Are For Girls

Extra aggressive. I like it. I mean, the dude is only like 6 bars in when he delivers this gem:

"So strap on your timbaland boots and thug it out/ and all you batti boys shut yo' bloodclot mouths..."

Yep, this is the official anti tight sag swag to combat the blatantly homosexual tendencies of your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. Yep, thats another shot at Weezy (two in one day Ollie?? You're god-damned right)...

The most potent line on this banger?

Not even part of the verse... its a shout at the end of the track...

"fuckin faggots... stay out your sistah's closets"..

Term got that extra burn. Get it right for 2009 folks, tight sag is over.

-Ollie the demoralizer


Kristen said...

Hallelujah and Amen!

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