Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ass So Fat

That you can see it from the front!!

The ass cleavage in this photo is extra aggressive. and I love it.


The truth of the situation is simple enough. If you can see the tail piece through the thighs, ol' girl is packin some heat. The thighs look right, and even though her head looks like a dirty tennis ball, she is really pretty.

Doesn't homegirl kinda look like Vanessa Minnillo??


Those J's are sittin on dubs and lookin' right too by the way. Man, Nick Lachey is a freak of nature you know that?

Lets take a stroll down memory lane... Remember when Jessica looked like this and was a virgin??


This cat Nick Lachey wifed it, beat those skins, realized how stupid she was and cut with a gang of her money, and now he gets to lay the pipe to Vanessa Minnillo. This guy is a straight up K-Fed. I always wondered how he (Nick Lachey) never got shit on for being a no talent hack that wifed up a pop-star and broke her for her papers the way K-Fed does. Oh well, Nick Lachey made the best decision of his life/career x-in out Jessica, cause ol' girl is on swole patrol and literally one chicken dinner away from obesity:


You see that jelly roll foldin up in her arm-pit? I guarandamtee Jessica is pushin the extra agressive muffin top as well, but those high-waisted jump-offs are keepin it locked up tight.

Big ups to my man Nick Lachey. Who know you were an ice cold pimp that could predict the future??

Ollie did thats who.

-Allofher backfat

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Jonny D said...

oh jessica...what happened.